Hear Four Songs From Feist's Look at What the Light Did Now

Hear Four Songs From Feist's <i>Look at What the Light Did Now</i>
It's been over three years since Feist released her breakthrough album, 2007's The Reminder, and we've been itching for new material from the beloved Canadian pop songstress. While her next album is still in the works, she is currently gearing up for the DVD release of her documentary, Look at What the Light Did Now. Due out December 7, it will come packaged with a CD containing an array of live performances.

The CD will contain 13 tracks, and you can preview four of them right now over at our Click Hear section. The streaming player has four songs: stripped-down live performances of "My Moon My Man" and "Strangers," plus Chilly Gonzales covers of "Sea Lion Woman" and "1234," performed on solo piano.

In addition to the documentary and CD, the DVD package will come with a slew of bonus features. These include five unedited live performances, footage from a secret show at Toronto's Cameron House, archival footage of Feist collaborating with Gonzales, two short films and four music videos.

As for the documentary itself, it examines Feist's creative process and her success in the wake of The Reminder. A press release says that it "illuminates the synergy of collaboration, art as magnifying glass, and the power of trust."

The tracklist for the bonus CD is below. Go here to preview four of the songs.

Look at What the Light Did Now bonus CD:

1. "Look at What the Light Did Now" (solo)

2. "Limit to Your Love"
3. "When I Was a Young Girl"
4. "My Moon My Man"
5. "Secret Heart"
6. "Strangers"
7. "So Sorry"
8. "Where Can I Go Without You?"
9. "Intuition" (Chilly Gonzales solo piano cover)
10. "The Water" Chilly Gonzales solo piano cover)

11. "Sea Lion Woman" (Chilly Gonzales solo piano cover)
12. "1234"
13. "Look At What The Light Did Now" (duet with Little Wings)