​Hear Father John Misty Cover the Velvet Underground's "Who Loves the Sun"

Plus the "Leaving L.A." singer's music has appeared in a new Los Angeles tourism ad
​Hear Father John Misty Cover the Velvet Underground's 'Who Loves the Sun'
Photo: Rick Clifford
Remember when professional troll Father John Misty lambasted Ryan Adams's "grotesque" Taylor Swift covers stunt with his own since-deleted version of "Blank Space" in the style of the Velvet Underground? Well, now the LSD-dosing, Taylor Swift-referencing singer-songwriter seems to have covered the group in earnest.
He contributed his own rendition of "Who Loves the Sun" to Mondo Boys' soundtrack for the 2016 Eddie O'Keefe-directed film, Shangri-La Suite — and that soundtrack has just surfaced online in the form of a 30-minute mixtape.
Also included on the offering are contributions from Foxygen's Jonathan Rado and the film's narrator, Burt Reynolds. You can listen to the whole mixtape down below. Father John Misty's cover tune plays at the 2:59 mark.
In other FJM news, his 2016 non-album track "Real Love Baby" has been repurposed for a Los Angeles tourism commercial, and you can check that our below, as well. Ironically enough, the recently released Pure Comedy LP features a tune titled "Leaving L.A." — but the ad campaign conveniently neglects to point that out.

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