Hayden "Hey Love"

Hayden 'Hey Love'
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it seems appropriate that Canadian singer-songwriter Hayden would let loose an early leak from his upcoming Hey Love LP. Something tells us that the newly revealed title track will have us swooning all year long, though.

The exquisite indie folk number rolls out with wide-open piano chords, passionate pedal steel and more, as Hayden's signature, fragile vocals detail both rough and romantic times. "Hold me like you want to be held by me," he whispers, summing up of the intimate bond, "without this love, there would be no reason for either of us."

It's a truly beautiful ballad from Hayden. You can stream it down below, or nab a download over here for the price of a tweet or Facebook like.

Hey Love hits stores March 24 via Arts & Crafts.