Hawg Jaw Don't Trust Nobody

Welcome to where Superjoint Ritual managed to dig up the idea for such a furious assault. Kicking around the sludgecore scene for just over a decade, New Orleans-based bashers Hawg Jaw should have a lot more praise/recognition than they currently garner. Hell, they feature members of Eyehategod, which validates their weight both sonically and influentially. In keeping with their abhorrence of deviation, Don’t Trust Nobody lends the stoner-ish metallic guitars of Corrosion of Conformity to an unusual combination of Southern rock drawl conspiring under a more obvious Melvins-ish dissonance. Yes, it sounds just as weird as it reads but that’s kind of the point… and appeal. Overall, with such a specific yet encapsulating sound, Don’t Trust Nobody is quite specific in whom it will select as listeners, but that’s also its most redeeming value. Weirdness is what keeps the diehards around and the tepid at bay. In this case, the tepid may even take a few more steps back. (Emetic)