Hate Cain's Way

Thankfully not copying neighbours Vader, Poland's Hate proceed in a much more Floridian death-metal vein down Cain's Way. As the sub-genre swings more towards hyper-fast grind like Hate Eternal and Krisiun, Hate start with a somewhat dated Deicide sound then douses it liberally with Napalm Death for an album's worth of tightly packed, albeit derivative, death throes. "Apocalypse" screams out of the gates with a multi-tempo ferocity and "Sectarian Murder" stretches that formula to envelop Monstrosity in its seething influences. Both "The Fifth Eternally Despised" and "Through Hate To Eternity" smack of Deicide's Legion, but with better production. "Future Is Mayhem" sports slightly technical Aghora-like soloing folded into the dense batter of blast beats and jagged riffing, while "...And The Sin Becomes" and the title track feature soaring angular solos, like Obituary's Allen West. "Shame Of The Creator" and "Resurrected But Failed" shows the versatility of guitarist/front-man Adam The First Sinner, as he utters death-y whispers, à la Pantera's Phil Anselmo, amid his Glen Benton-inspired guttural growls. As the acoustic outro "From Cain To Cadmon" brings the album to a serene and even close, Hate validates their mission to eradicate false metal for all eternity. (World War III)