Haste The Mercury Lift

Haste are exploring the extremes on their latest release The Mercury Lift. The band hops from one musical style to another on this record, from pop punk to hardcore, Brit pop to rock. Some songs are decorated with beautiful, delicate vocal harmonies, while others are emblazoned with intense screaming and heavy guitars. As daunting a task as this seems, Haste pulls it off. The opening track "With All The Pride and Dignity of A Drowning Swimmer” is a perfect blend of intricate guitar workings and mid-tempo melodies. With tinges of Jawbox and Boy Sets Fire strewn throughout the record, everything seems to fall perfectly in place on this record. The Alabama sextet is most often recognised because of the interesting musical dynamic between their two vocalists. With The Mercury Lift, Haste prove that they are not only tremendous songwriters, but a powerful rock force as well. (Century Media)