Harry Nilsson Celebrated with Tribute Show

Harry Nilsson Celebrated with Tribute Show
The late-great Harry Nilsson is respected by many, but frequently overlooked despite having performed instantly recognizable hits like "Without You" and "One." Soon, the pop music great will get some much-deserved kudos when St. Louis, MO's Off Broadway stages the tribute show What Is the Point? A Tribute to Harry Nilsson on November 26.

The evening will include Nilsson cover sets from a number of local St. Louis bands. There will also be a special Nilsson tribute group composed of members of several groups, and they will perform Nilsson's 1971 concept album The Point! in full. This will be synched up to an edited version of the album's classic animated film.

Tenement Ruth's David Anderson and Grace Basement's Kevin Buckley, who are participating in the tribute group, were interviewed about the event by Riverfront Times. Buckley explained, "He didn't tour, so he never really had a band as such. As a result his work largely exists as studio recorded material, much of it done solo. It's exciting to be able to pull some folks together and bring these songs to life. I'd say it's a rare opportunity to see Nilsson songs actually being performed."

In other words, this kind of an event doesn't happen every day, so if you're in the neighbourhood, buy tickets here. But since not everyone will be able to make to St. Louis for this show, we're keeping our fingers crossed that we start seeing some more Nilsson tributes popping up soon.

In the meantime, watch the first part of The Point! below.