Harrison Kennedy Voice + Story

This aptly-titled release by the now Canadian, ex-pat American, Harrison Kennedy might ring a bell, as his sumptuously warm and inviting vocals recall a time when he ruled Detroit’s R&B roost with his ’70s band, Chairman of the Board ("Give Me Just A Little More Time”). His voice remains his biggest drawing card capable of holding one’s complete attention without the need of a net, second only to his ability to write a tune based on historical perspective ("Boblo Island,” "Let Her Talk”). Yet, when the rudiments of guitar, percussion and bass are supplied, the results go a long way towards being all the more pleasing ("There Ain’t No Way,” "Humming Blues”). Kennedy is an urban poet, stripped bare, yet comfortable in his own skin and his adrenaline-fuelled, emotionally-charged vocals embrace elements of the blues, funk, folk, gospel and R&B — all wrapped in a convincing blanket of soulful abandon. From "Bad Attitude” to "One Track Mind” to "40 Acres and a Mule,” Kennedy has crafted an honest-to-goodness, contemporary blues record in the time-honoured style of the storyteller. (Black & Tan)