Harkonen Dancing

Tacoma’s Harkonen are back, after a duet of cool Hydra Head offerings, with this five-song EP. Hopping over to the good ship Initial for this one, the sound remains the same, regardless; that patented Harkonen crunch, the noise rock styling mixed with angular and progressive metallic hardcore. The beauty of Harkonen is the inability to pin down exactly what is going on within their particular sonic stew. I’ve listened to all their releases a whole whack o' times and still get as much enjoyment out of them as I do confusion. On Dancing, the band continues along the same lines as before, this time adding in a Scratch Acid cover along with the four cool new tunes. A sense of irony always seems to loom over these guys, even during the ultra-serious slow-mo dirges I still get the feeling it’s all part of some scenester joke I just don’t get. But I also don’t give a flying fuck, because a Harkonen disc is always a satisfying listening experience. (Initial)