Happy Mondays Get Started On New Album

Happy Mondays Get Started On New Album
Factory Records vets and covering drug fiends, Happy Monday, have leaked word they are recording a new album.

The yet-to-be-titled record is earmarked for an early 2009 release, singer Shaun Ryder tells Billboard, and will follow the band’s poorly received "comeback album,” Uncle Dysfunktional (yeah, that one slipped by our radar, too).

"It's sounding good," Ryder says. "We had a few tracks left over from the last Mondays' album, so we thought that we might as well do another one.”

The album will be the sixth in the Happy Monday’s two-decade career and the second since they reformed in 2007 for Uncle Dysfunktional, which ended a 15-year silence from the band.

And while the album is slated for a 2009 release, Ryder pointed out, when the Happy Monday’s are concerned, no date is set in stone.

"Knowing us, it'll probably come out in about two years’ time,” Ryder says. "I mean, the other one, we had that in the can for, what, two years before that got released, because of legal problems. It took us eight or nine years to sort out all that. So we've now got ourselves a new set of legal problems, which will probably take another few years to sort out and then we can get this one out.”

No word yet if the new record will rope in any of the other original Mondays, or if it will be like Uncle Dysfunktional, which only featured Ryder, drummer Gary Whelan and Bez on the maracas - most likely white lines.