Hanson This Time Around

Hanson is back, but they've gone through some changes in the past two years - cut their hair, matured their voices and thrown away their bubblegum sound. Their new album, entitled This Time Around, not only proves that they have good looks, but they have the talent too. This Time Around is a 13-tracks of original, less "poppy" songs. Isaac, Taylor and Zac don't only sing, play instruments and write on their new CD, but they are also co-producers. They teamed up with producers Mark Hudson (Aerosmith) and Stephan Lironi (Fun Loving Criminals), who also worked with Hanson on Middle Of Nowhere. Other artists such as Jonny Lang (on the track "This Time Around"), DJ Swamp (Beck) and John Popper (Blues Traveller) are also featured on this album. Unlike some artists out right now, Hanson's lyrics actually seem like some thought were put into them. The lyrics of "This Time Around" and "Dying To be Alive" are very deep and teach a good lesson, while more upbeat songs like "In The City" and " (Island)