Simply Saucer to Be Explored in Official Biography

Simply Saucer to Be Explored in Official Biography
Hamilton proto-punk vets Simply Saucer were hailed as underground legends upon the release of their debut Cyborgs Revisited in 1989, an entire decade after their initial breakup. Having since reunited and been active in recent year, the band's career is set to be looked at in an official biography.

Written by Canadian music journalist Jesse Locke, Heavy Metalloid Music will explore the band through interviews with current and former band members, their musical counterparts, writers, fans, label heads and more in a book that is "part oral history and part zine-style chronicle."

"The idea of a group of record collectors creating their own version of the Velvet Underground, Hawkwind, and Soft Machine in complete isolation and with limited means (in the early 1970s no less!) is completely awe-inspiring," Locke said in a statement. "Of course their versions turned out way weirder than their heroes, with dystopian lyrical themes of cyborgs, Nazis, and comic book super-villains."

Forming in 1973, Simply Saucer made a lasting impression in the Canadian punk underground with revered live performances and an unmatched work ethic. Recording with fellow Hamiltonians Bob and Daniel Lanois, their raw, off-the-floor songs were influenced by sci-fi, comic books and crime-ridden street life in the Steel City.

"After getting to know the band members throughout hours of interviews, I also discovered that they're a lot like me and my friends," Locke continued. "Their story should be relatable to anyone in a hometown band that never made it big, but it's also completely unique."

Heavy Metalloid Music will arrive through Eternal Cavalier Press in November of this year, while an expanded anniversary edition of Cyborgs Revisted will arrive this year through revered garage label In the Red. Read an excerpt the book and an interview with Locke here.