Hamilton Leithauser "11 O'Clock Friday Night" (video)

Hamilton Leithauser '11 O'Clock Friday Night' (video)
As previously reported, Hamilton Leithauser, frontman for the Walkmen, has prepared a solo album to pass the time during his band's "extreme hiatus." We have some good news and some bad news — Leithauser has just shared a music video from the album, which has now been delayed by a month.

Directed by Paul Maroon, the video for "11 O'Clock Friday Night" offers plenty to look at as Leithauser goes through a leisurely night-time bike ride during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The song, for its part, is a rhythmic indie pop number that benefits from the Dirty Projectors' Amber Coffman, who lends some guest vocals.

Watch the video for "11 O'Clock Friday Night" below. Unfortunately, Leithauser's Black Hours has been pushed back to June 3 from its original May 6 release date. The album will arrive via Ribbon Music.