Half Japanese to Reissue 14 Albums

Half Japanese to Reissue 14 Albums
In our review of Half Japanese's Hello more than a decade ago, we praised "recording juggernaut Jad Fair" for his "perpetual output." As it turned out, the band's busy recording schedule would come to a halt after that, and we haven't heard another official new album from them since. Soon, though, we'll have a chance to rediscover Half Japanese with 14 reissues.

This massive reissue campaign comes courtesy of Fire Records, who will put out records spanning from 1980's Half Gentleman/Not Beasts all the way to 2001's Hello. Anyone who has taken an interest in the explosion of lo-fi, DIY music in the last few years will definitely want to check this out.

The albums being reissued are (deep breath): Half Gentleman/Not Beasts (1980), Loud (1981), Our Solar System (1985), Sing No Evil (1985), Music to Strip By (1987), Charmed Life (1988), The Band That Would Be King (1989), We Are They Who Ache with Amorous Love (1990), Fire in the Sky (1992), Boo: Live in Europe 1992 (1994), Hot (1995), Bone Head (1997), Heaven Sent (1997), and Hello (2001).

According to The Wire, the reissues will be staggered throughout next year, starting in February and stretching into 2013. This campaign comes hot on the heels of Beautiful Songs (The Best of Jad Fair), which arrived earlier this year, also through Fire Records.

Despite the lack of new material, Half Japanese aren't totally finished just yet. In March, they will be playing the rescheduled ATP festival hosted by Jeff Mangum.