Haitian Knife Fight How To Slaughter A Lamb

An intelligent union of the most vitriolic, yet imaginative, elements of modern extreme music, How To Slaughter A Lamb proves that there is still a way to incorporate diverse aspects, such as Gothenburg metal, System Of A Down and Cursed-ish hardcore, into a cohesive, adrenaline-pumping discharge of aggression. Powerfully heavy and shockingly technical without sacrificing groove for guitar pyrotechnics, the ten tracks that Haitian Knife Fight have created are progressive and inspiring while still retaining a touch of imposing attitude and rabid fury. Refusing to settle into one specific metallic sub-genre, the end result is a jarring, hysterical attack that keeps listeners, and possibly band members, guessing throughout. Still, its slick production only serves to intensify an already stunning attack. (BWC Studios)