Metzli Obscura

BY Keith CarmanPublished Jul 25, 2010

A swarming mass of cacophony, aggression and demonic bedevilment, this latest release from Mexico's Hacavitz is simply merciless. Inspired by the blackened viciousness of Behemoth, while introducing aspects of Sepultura's early instinctive vigour and rough-hewn edges, with shots of VoiVod's arpeggiated crispness, Metzli Obscura is impressively diverse sonically while still dishing out the possessed rage only the blackest of Norwegian bands are capable of. A touch thrashy, a little black and a whole heap of dissonant death, Metzli Obscura may be influenced by some rather obvious forces, but thanks to its passionate attack and natural ingenuity, it's by no means derivative.

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