Gwen Stacey The Life I Know

If Spider-Man comic books have taught us anything, it’s that much like Peter Parker, we all have a Gwen Stacey: a short fling that won’t work out in the end. It’s not you, it’s me; we know someone better will come along (ahem, Mary Jane) and The Life I Know follows that true to life storyline. Disappointing from start to finish, this debut effort starts off on a bad note and doesn’t feature any redeemable qualities or songs. Clear cut hardcore music that features clean vocals? Now that’s just stupid — in tough guy world, clean signing is that last thing you want to hear. This album could be the product of a drunken, drug-induced night with Silverstein and Hatebreed collaborating on a mash-up album. Group chants are featured in the background of much aggressive music but in The Life I Know, Gwen Stacey have opted for the ever-elusive pristine chant, most likely lifted from Train Wreck. I almost feel bad for the time that the band wasted making this album but then again, to have good artists you need bad ones. (Ferret)