Gunplay & Mozzy

Dreadlocks & Headshots

BY Scott GlaysherPublished Jun 2, 2017

Despite his moniker, MMG rapper Gunplay doesn't make a ton of noise. None of his mixtapes have really resonated with the culture and, perhaps more damning, he hasn't turned up as a featured guest on a Ross project since 2009.
Dreadlocks & Headshots, his joint mixtape with Sacramento spitter Mozzy, is just as menacing as its title alludes, and is jam packed with everything you'd expect from a Gunplay and Mozzy mixtape (read: gun bars galore), but it probably won't do much to raise either's stock.
It doesn't take the pair long to start listing off heavy artillery intricacies, as they proudly announcing that "shooter gang is pressing play" on the first track "They Know." The tape runs a dozen songs long, and although both rappers' flows are lacklustre, their lyrics, a ton of fun, are basically excerpts from every gangster movie ever made. Thematically, Gunplay mostly sticks to the villainous ways of Miami's underbelly, while Mozzy documents the crime-ridden woes of the West coast; pretty standard stuff.
The only time both rappers are truly on the up-and-up is on feel-good hymn "No Lighter," on which they claim that "this shit is so fire, I don't need no lighter." If there's any solace for this release, it's that the beats knock fairly well, a testament to the pair's ear for trap resonances and Derrick "Sac" Johnson's executive producing. The majority of beats and dark and trapulent, but there's a little West coast bounce and boom-bap mixed in as well.
Dreadlocks & Headshots finds Gunplay and Mozzy sticking to their script, and at the very least, gives them some momentum they can hopefully capitalize on.
(Real Talk Entertainment)

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