Gumshoe Strut Let's Get Dangerous

With Let’s Get Dangerous, the Gumshoe Strut returns with a double EP on one CD covering two distinct subjects: authority figures and death. The latter is the most cohesive, but both EPs contain interesting, full-sounding beats, intimate stories and intriguing thoughts on the subject matter. "Ton of Bricks” is the highlight of the CD with its creepy real-life horror story of a murderous mother told over haunting piano, drum and bass. "Sorry Doesn’t Cut It” is a less drastic, "Fuck Tha Police”-type anti-establishment track that defines the problem in great detail and avoids the excessive solution offered by NWA. "A Cost to Be the Boss” should find a place in the hearts of anyone accustomed to working a McJob, while the title track and "It’s all About…” keeps the energy flowing. Frankly, the biggest problem here is determining whether you’re bobbing your head in agreement to the thoughts or the beats. And let’s not forget the guest appearances by Yy, Pip Skid and Grubbs, who all add their own special something to the mix. Once again, Your Brother and Peanuts & Corn bring the freshness. (Your Brother)