Gultskra Artikler


BY Andrea AyottePublished Jul 19, 2010

Mille Plateaux launches their new ambient drone sub-label, Cluster, with Russian electronic artist Gultskra Artikler (aka Alexey Devyanin). Gultskra Artikler's music can't be defined or labelled easily, as his past releases have explored different avenues of drone, glitch, folktronica and field recordings. On the Qwerty EP, Devyanin continues to experiment by creating dark, moody electro-acoustic soundscapes. Named with the letters of the EP's title, each track sounds like you're in a mechanical world run by distressed machines. "E" sounds like mechanical birds flying above water while integrating unsettling beeping noises. "Q" combines layers of crickets over top of propeller sounds, provoking anxiety and the sense that something eerie is about to happen. Compositionally, Artikler manages to unite a wide array of bizarre sounds that visually inspire a new imaginative mechanical soundscape and alternate reality.
(Cluster/Mille Plateaux)

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