Guided By Voices "Keep It in Motion" (video)

Guided By Voices 'Keep It in Motion' (video)
By year's end, lo-fi popsmiths Guided By Voices will have released three albums in 2012 if all goes to plan, but for now the outfit are repping the middle LP, Class Clown Spots a UFO. In particular, the troupe are toasting album cut "Keep It in Motion" with a magical new clip.

The video features comedian Jon Glaser dressed up like a sleight-of-hand star in pre-show mode. He marvels at himself in the mirror, prepping classic tricks like pulling a coin from behind his ear, as well as dabbing himself sensually with some aftershave.

While we never get to see the man in action, we're hoping his grand finale reveals how Robert Pollard manages to write so many songs. Remember, dude's got a new solo LP on the way as well.