Grizzly Bear to Start Recording New Album Next Month

Grizzly Bear to Start Recording New Album Next Month
Last spring, Grizzly Bear promised that they would be taking their sound in a "more adventurous" direction for the follow-up to 2012's Shields. Now, the band have revealed that they'll actually begin capturing that refreshed sound in the studio next month.
In a series of tweets early this morning (April 13), the band announced that drummer Chris Bear had welcomed a new baby, gave their support to U.S. Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, and then informed followers that they would finally be starting work on the new album in the very near future.

UPDATE (5/4, 11 a.m.): The band's Ed Droste has now taken to his Instagram to state Grizzly Bear will start to "officially record" their new album on June 1. 
Last year, the band's frontman Ed Droste revealed that a couple new songs were in the works and described the upcoming material, saying: "We're feeling more adventurous with the sonic directions, changing it up a little bit — not like, a techno dance album…it's in the beginning stages."
He also commented on the anxiety caused by the bi-coastal divide between band members. "When I'm stressed about it, I have to remember that every time we try to do a new album I have huge anxiety," he said. "Every time it's like, 'Woah, that was a crazy process, we have to do something different.'"
Since releasing their last album, members of the band have been keeping busy contributing to Grateful Dead tributes, whipping up cookbooks and getting chased off the internet by rabid Swifties.
While we wait for further details on the upcoming record, relive the video for Shields cut "Yet Again" below.