Grizzly Bear "Season's Greetings from Grizzly Bear" (video)

Grizzly Bear 'Season's Greetings from Grizzly Bear' (video)
Grizzly Bear's latest LP, Shields got a lot of love this year, but the band have now flipped the script on their set for a new holiday video titled "Season's Greetings from Grizzly Bear."

The nearly seven-minute video is presented like the world's worst mail-order LP commercial and offers up tacky new age piano renditions of "Sleeping Ute," "Gun-Shy" and more. The clip is stacked with sublimely stupid, non-sequitur images of Old El Paso taco packages and some dignified dogs playing poker. It's good for a laugh, which is obviously the troupe's intent.

You can catch the action down below.