Grimes Previews New Song "Shinigami Eyes" on Discord

The artist shared her newest material through her "Grimes Metaverse Super Beta" channel
Grimes Previews New Song 'Shinigami Eyes' on Discord
Yesterday, Grimes sent out a notification to her fans with a simple command, "ENGAGE," along with a phone number to call for instructions. The number led to a Discord channel known as the "Grimes Metaverse Super Beta," where the artist recently shared a snippet of new music apparently called "Shinigami Eyes."

While the track has yet to be officially released, fan-captured audio from Grimes' "Metaverse Stage" has been uploaded to YouTube. Meanwhile, Claire Boucher herself has been hinting at the track publicly, writing its title in binary in a tweet and posting even shorter segments of the music online.

In addition to the track, earlier this week, Boucher hinted at the possibility of a new album, joking that the release of Elden Ring would force her to "cancel my album in order to play this game."

Today, you can hear a snippet of "Shinigami Eyes" below, ahead of its official release — whenever that may be.