Grimes Officially Changes 'Miss Anthropocene' Album Art on Digital Platforms

Grimes Officially Changes 'Miss Anthropocene' Album Art on Digital Platforms
Grimes has had an unsurprisingly strange year complete with a new baby, an Eric Andre appearance and a potentially buggy character in Cyberpunk 2077, among other things. Still, she's closing out 2020 by fixing her one regret and changing the album art for Miss Anthropocene.

Back in April, Grimes explained that she had swapped out the album's art work and not used the piece she had commissioned from Korean illustrator Rupid Leejm. "I wish I had trusted my gut," she wrote. "I fucking LOVE this painting."

Grimes gut won out in the end, as she's officially swapped out the Miss Anthropocene art with the Leejm painting across streaming services. The new art was confirmed as an official decision by Grimes' representatives.

Check out her initial post about Rupid Leejm's art below.

This was the original Miss Anthropocene album cover which I commissioned from one of my *favourite* artists @rupid79m 🤍🤍 I polled a bunch of ppl and everyone said not to use it (??) but I wish I trusted my gut. I fucking LOVE this painting. Maybe there's a way to utilize it still (very open to ideas if u guys have ideas). I also love commissioning and/ or buying prints and art. It's something I just got into this year. It's a great way to support visual artists during the quarantine. Some Artists I dig are @wlop @ya.hime @vickisigh @belgeist Normally I draw the covers myself I just wasn't feeling it for miss A after like ten failed album covers. Ps I love what we did w Ryder and Gmunk. Not hating on that just wish I'd even kept this as the illustration in the program maybe instead of my drawing which.. is fine but not blowing my mind haha

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