Grimes "Go" (demo)

Grimes 'Go' (demo)
Grimes' single "Go" represented a big departure for the arty Canadian songwriter, as she embraced a hi-fi pop sound on a tune originally intended for Rihanna. Now, we can get a glimpse into her creative process thanks to a newly unearthed demo for the track.

While singer also known as Claire Boucher doesn't seem to be sure of the recording's exact origins, she wrote on Tumblr, "i assume this is the orig demo cuz we were extremely caffeinated that day."

Although the single version is slicker, this isn't too huge a departure from what we've already heard.

Grimes wrote, "i think we mighta mixed a bit of the soul out of it in retrospect." This marks a change in perspective from the summer, when she wrote: Hear the "Go" demo below.