Grimes "Genesis"

Grimes 'Genesis'
The year is less than a week old, but 2012 is already shaping up to be a great one for Montreal's Grimes. Not only did the songstress sign to 4AD, but her upcoming Visions ranked high on our list of the Most Anticipated Canadian Albums of 2012. To stoke our excitement even further, she has now shared another cut from Visions.

This is a dreamy pop cut with faint new age overtones, and it makes good on a previous press release's promise that the new album would "conjure a phantasmic state for the deep listener, sourcing the long forgotten spells that have coexisted with humans for centuries and forcing them through a hyper-futuristic filter." Listen to the heady cut below, courtesy of Pitchfork.

Visions is out on February 21 via Arbutus Records/4AD.