Greys "Guy Picciotto"

Greys 'Guy Picciotto'
Greys are giving it up for punk rock royalty with "Guy Picciotto," a new noisy tune seemingly dedicated to the great Fugazi/Rites of Spring member.

The noise rock track rages out of the gates with a flurry of guitar fuzz, hammered beats and screamed lines about the band's hero. Though it's admitted in the song that he's just an ordinary guy, he apparently has Greys feeling as if they can fly. The dudes in Greys must've been raised on a steady diet of something to offer up such poetry.

You can check out whether or not the track is a repeater by giving it a stream down below. Greys' If Anything arrives through Buzz Records in Canada and Carpark Records in the U.S. on June 17.

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