Grey Kingdom Performs "Untitled"

Grey Kingdom Performs 'Untitled'
With Attack In Black currently on indefinite hiatus, guitarist and vocalist Spencer Burton has continued to make music as Grey Kingdom. He delivered this untitled track on Exclaim! TV the same day friends and frequent collaborators Marine Dreams and Baby Eagle dropped by.

Towards the end of Attack In Black's time as a band the group began applying a punk rock DIY ethic to a minimal folk sound. In Burton's Grey Kingdom solo project he carries the torch with sincere and introspective lyrics matched to acoustic guitar.

As previously mentioned, this song doesn't have a title, nor does it appear on any official Grey Kingdom release as of yet. The sparse arrangement allows Burton's moving voice to come to the forefront and ring out clearly as his muted guitar picking carries the tune along. His seasoned songwriting style conveys a message at once gloomy and pretty.

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