Gregory Pepper Unloads 10 Tracks for New 7-Inch

Gregory Pepper Unloads 10 Tracks for New 7-Inch
Back in the fall, Vancouver's Energy Slime stuffed 10 bite-sized songs onto one 7-inch. Next, Guelph songwriter Gregory Pepper will be pulling off the same stunt with His Problems via Chorus! Chorus! Chorus!, which will be out through Fake Four Inc. on August 21.

This bite-sized 10-song collection reportedly taps into Pepper's usual pop-rock style but with a grungy '90s twist. According to a press release, "Chorus! sounds like the album Weezer should have made after Pinkerton, if Rivers hadn't lost his nerve and Matt hadn't left: elusively confessional, proudly nostalgic, and as fun as crashing a shopping cart when you're drunk with plans on getting drunker."

See Chorus! Chorus! Chorus!'s tracklist below. It includes some rather quirky titles like "Smart Phones for Stupid People," "I Wonder Whose Dick You Had to Suck?" and "I'm Bill Murray." At the bottom of the page, watch a short trailer, which shows a burning acoustic guitar and features an instrumental clip of bombastic rock music.

The 7-inch will come with some bonus digital content. Pre-orders will begin on July 10.

Chorus! Chorus! Chorus!:

A1. Welcome to the Dullhouse
A2. Crush on You
A3. Smart Phones for Stupid People
A4. I Wonder Whose Dick You Had to Suck?
A5. Come by It Honestly
B1. Cry, Wolf
B2. There in the Meadow (Was I Not a Flower at All?)
B3. I'm Bill Murray
B4. Problems Theme Part 2
B5. Last Drag