Greenwood Horus On The Horizon

Depending on whom you ask, stoner rock is another one of yesterday's sounds that have now become too watered down for anyone to care. Toronto's Greenwood (thankfully, no relation to American country crooner Lee Greenwood) takes it upon themselves to revitalise the sagging stoner genre with their groovalicious chords and melodies. Beginning with a deceptively weak recording technique, "Morphine" plows into place with a Northern Lights-era Sea Of Green gravity (no surprise, since the label is run by the wife of SOG bassist Eric Kuthe). Throughout "Dirty Bob" and "Cosmic Rebirth," the band resembles the mighty Kyuss circa ...And The Circus Leaves Town, with lead throat Marc Faulkner - a real singer, mind you - toeing the line between John Garcia and SOG's Travis Cardinal, with a dash of Abdullah's Jeff Shirilla for vocal balance. "Deep Green Hollow" cruises the Natas-inhabiting stratosphere in an extended jam that's a bit too drawn out but "Supra Song," and the excellent title track double-times the action for a supercharged riff-fest. Ultimately, Greenwood could stand to stretch out somewhat in new directions, which is what their forthcoming full-length (already in pre-production) may be all about. (12th Planet)