Great Reversals To the Ends of the Earth

Following the dissolution of Killing the Dream and the Carrier, the melodic hardcore genre has been lacking. Whether due to the melodic metalcore bands that have incorrectly labeled themselves as such or the countless copycats that have followed, the genre just hasn't been the same. Enter Great Reversals, with their To the Ends of the Earth EP, but is it enough to revitalize hope in a fallen genre? Well, sort of. The tracks contained on the album proper are certainly a step in the right direction, despite the slightly annoying monotone vocals. Although the numbers don't approach the weighty accomplishments of the aforementioned acts, their progression from the older bonus tracks included on the disc suggests that Great Reversals may soon get there. Although To the Ends of the Earth is no great reversal for melodic hardcore, it's a pretty good tribute to a genre whose recent replications have been more insulting than flattering. (Indelirium)