Great Redneck Hope Behold The Fuck Thunder

They may have a stupid name and album title, but the Great Redneck Hope deliver musical destruction and pandemonium at a level rivalling the best in the biz. With 11 songs in slightly more than nine minutes, and titles like "Are You There, God? Please Help Me Stop Masturbating,” comparisons to other purveyors of the brutal and demented (Daughters, the Locust, Dillinger) are easy and, also, strangely appropriate. On Behold The Fuck Thunder, the Great Redneck Hope rampages through technical metallic freak-outs, crashing breakdowns, throws in the occasional odd Bungle-ish run or sample, spews ruinous vocals and annihilates everything remotely in earshot. Produced by Kurt Ballou, what could have easily turned into sonic muck retains just enough distinction so that even when you’re lost amid the maelstrom, you’re never that lost. The problem is, it’s just too damn short, and ends too abruptly; after being battered, abused and disoriented for nine minutes, a hug would have been nice before being kicked to the curb. (Thinker Thought)