Great Deceiver Terra Incognito

Nu-metal is no way to start an album but the Great Deceiver have decided that since they missed the rap-rock explosion they'd like to make up for it. Simple drum beats coloured with those signature Korn squeals makes room for Fear Factory samples over a way lighter base. They drop into some slower, doomier parts that at times are reminiscent of Nothingface. They use pogo riffs over numerous time-machine journeys into the realms of the late ’90s. It sounds as if they’re going for a tough guy hardcore sound but fail to notice their descent into rocktardeness. Maybe the whole Oasis thing was still going on in the UK so they missed the nu-metal craze. The number of sombre moments becomes fatiguing when trying to get past the annoying effects they use on the vocals. It sounds as if this would make for a really awkward live performance. Imagine Tool's contortionists flailing in the air and everyone standing around wondering when to mosh again. Admittedly, it’s somewhat more sophisticated than the bands it sounds like. The parts do retain individuality, and if not blinded by annoyance, are decent as a whole. (Peaceville)