Grand Analog Look Back with Career-Spanning Comp

Grand Analog Look Back with Career-Spanning Comp
Toronto hip-hop collective Grand Analog have been doing their thing for close to a decade now and have opted to celebrate their many years together with a new compilation release. Featuring older tracks and some reworked material, their Roll Dub Soul Rap (A Collection) drops October 8.

A press release notes that the crew have collected tracks from their full-length LPs for this forthcoming compendium, all the way from Calligraffiti numbers like "Simmer me Down" through to singles from 2013's Modern Thunder ("Howl (Like Wolves)," "Wild Animal Print"). Scattered throughout the 15-song set are guest appearances from artists including Shad, Maylee Todd, Saukrates and more.

Added to the release is a Muneshine remix of "Heart the Lonely Hunter," which also features guest vocalist Ashleigh Eymann.

Though it's noted that Grand Analog flirt with textures of rock, dub and soul, and collaborate with a wide range of artists, the band point out that their roots will always be hip-hop.

"Hip hop, as a culture, has always been the foundation for our song-writing process," the band's Odario Williams said in a statement. "As a genre it's both malleable and influential, and allows me to experiment sonically. I also find inspiration in Toronto, as I depend on my surroundings for ideas. It's these genre bending experimentations and outside influences that define Grand Analog's sound that come together so naturally."

You'll find the full tracklisting to Roll Dub Soul Rap and a video for "Wild Animal Print" down below, as well as a few upcoming Ontario dates. 

Roll Dub Soul Rap (A Collection):

1. Howl (Like Wolves)
2. Electric City (ft. Shad)
3. Around This Town
4. Rap Sheet (ft. Saukrates)
5. Everyday Always
6. I Play My Kazoo
7. Heart The Lonely Hunter (Muneshine Remix) (ft. Ashleigh Eymann)
8. Simmer Me Down (ft. Tynisha Goddard)
9. Take It Slow (Faces and Places)
10. I'm On Fire (ft. Maiko Watson, Len Bowen)
11.Wild Animal Print
12.Touch Your Toes (ft. Kiyomi)
13. Her Daddy (Don't Like Me)
14.The Great Rhyme Dropper (ft. Shad)
15.Trip The Life Fantastic (ft. Maylee Todd, Len Bowen)

Tour dates:

10/21 London, ON - Call The Office
10/22 Toronto, ON - The Drake Underground
10/24 Hamilton, ON - Mills Hardware