Grand Analog "Howl Like Wolves" (video)

Grand Analog 'Howl Like Wolves' (video)
Toronto hip-hop collective Grand Analog dropped their third album Modern Thunder earlier this year, but they aren't slowing down yet. The band have unveiled the brand new video for "Howl Like Wolves," and has got your first look at the new clip.

It kicks off with frontman Odario Williams taking on the role of a motivational speaker, bringing his knowledge of wolf howling to the masses. We then get to see the many success stories and testimonials of participants who have seen the light.

As the video goes on, the wolf howling mentality spurs a raucous party with confetti, champagne, silly string, blow-up dolls and scantily clad dancers. It looks more fun than any office seminar we've ever been to; although given the way the video ends, Grand Analog might be having a little too much fun.

Kick back, watch the clip below and change your life for the better by learning how to "Howl Like Wolves."

Grand Analog play Toronto's Wrongbar on November 14 with Posterz.