Gossip Standing in the Way of Control

The Gossip’s third album plays out over a wave of neck-snapping beats brought to you by the band’s new drummer Hannah Blilie of Shoplifting (and ex-Chromatics). The album was recorded in Seattle with Guy Picciotto of Fugazi and provides more sonic insights and pleasant explosions from one of the most danceable punk bands out there today. Vocalist Beth Ditto shows off her incredible flair for the dramatic and pulls off convincing and beautiful feats. The opening track, "Fire with Fire,” barrels out in typical Gossip fashion and sets the pace for hip-shaking speeds and irresistible vocal hooks, while the title track shatters and shivers and plays out in a furious frenzy. Things slow down on "Coal to Diamonds,” a song that has Ditto rising above all expectations. Wrapping up with "Dark Lines,” Standing in the Way of Control fades out on a sombre note, which is an interesting juxtaposition and fitting conclusion to how the rest of the album plays out. (Kill Rock Stars)