Gorillaz to Release New Album Next Year

The news comes straight from the group's Jamie Hewlett
Gorillaz to Release New Album Next Year
While Gorillaz gave us their Humanz album earlier this year, the animated pop superstars are already planning to hit us up with another one in 2018.

The group's animator Jamie Hewlett recently broke the news in a new interview with TASCHEN regarding his art book Inside the Mind of Jamie Hewlett.

In the talk, Hewlett said, "We are working on another Gorillaz album, which we are going to be releasing next year. So we're going straight into the next album with no break. Usually we have a good five-year break between each album but we decided: 'You know what? Let's keep going' because there's ideas for a few more albums so we're going to go straight into that. So that will be all of next year and probably the year beyond that."

You can listen to the interview below; the new album news comes at the 10:20 mark.