Gorefest El Muerte

One of the more underrated bands in the death metal scene has always been the Dutch group Gorefest. With El Muerte, their first since getting back together after disbanding in 1998, the group are still flirting with a wildly catchy take on death metal, one that could be called death’n’roll, but there’s more of a heavy edge to things here. I’m thinking the last Dismember album in a pretty big way, with the attention paid to creating songs that stick as well as riffs that rage; like modern Entombed cleaned up, Gorefest have a rock attitude, a simplistic approach and the ability to thrash pretty damn hard. El Muerte goes on for too long (like, half an hour too long), but that’s a silly complaint considering it’s such a solid release, and one that breathes life into the stagnant death metal scene. (Nuclear Blast)