Gore Gore Girls Strange Girls

When I saw the Gore Gore Girls play live about four years ago, they left little impression besides a ringing in my ears that lasted a little longer than usual. What a difference a few years makes! This debut CD is one of the best pure garage punk releases in what seems like ages, perfectly balancing both musicality and mayhem. It's a noisy recording with lots of distortion all over the mix, tons of energy in the playing and great vocals all over the 12 catchy songs. If you're thinking classic, pre-metal Pandoras, with the tear-em-up attitude of the New Bomb Turks and Thee Headcoats, then you're getting close. From the opening punk rock one-two-punch of "Hunt You Down" and "Go On," through to the Detroit girl group covers like "I'm Gonna Get You Yet" and "Room In Your Heart," these 25 minutes of fun raunch go down like Thunderbird ESQ mixed with only the finest Kool-Aid. It's a rare thing that a band puts their best song at the end of their record, but the eyebrow frying fury of the closer "Getting A Room" will have you spinning this must have garage disc all the way through every listen. Detroit does it again! (Get Hip)