Goran Bregovic Alkohol Sljivovica & Champagne

Alkohol (the latest release from Serbian sensation Goran Bregovic and his Wedding and Funeral Band) is an excited, crowd-pleasing pursuit of musical happiness. This is best enjoyed in the company of friends and strangers who don't mind a drink or ten, loud, brassy horns or break beat, odd time signatures and edgy drumming. Repeated listens will both instigate and ensure raucous singing and dancing. Enthusiastic party people will surely enjoy break beat numbers such as "Trucker's Song," "Streets Are Drunk" or "Gas Gas Gas," while fans of a more relaxed good time will want to check out sentimental power ballad "Ruzica (Rose)," the sultry, Arabic-inspired "On The Back-Seat Of My Car" or better yet, the pensive, future sounds of "Imagine." Please enjoy responsibly. No stranger to the Balkan circuit (he's influenced by Jewish and Gypsy weddings, chants from the Orthodox and Catholic Church, as well as Muslim invocations), Goran's compositions have earned him many accolades. Writing credits on Borat and collaborations with Iggy Pop and Cesária Évora are but a few that come to mind. Make no mistake: Bregovic is a gifted composer whose talent and hard work have earned him international acclaim since the age of 16. Thoroughly evident throughout Alkohol is the fact that Goran Bregovic values having a great time and wants his audience to share in his indulgence. (Sterns)