Good Riddance Capricorn One

As is the case with most defunct bands that maintain a semblance of posthumous popularity, this disc finds former SoCal skate-meets-pop-punk quartet Good Riddance's vault being ravaged for a career-spanning rarities and singles collection. Dubbed Capricorn One (in an amusing reference to the conspiracy theory that the moon landings were faked), that's about as far as the tongue-in-cheek, dismissive attitude on this release goes. In fact, these 21 tracks are far more interesting, entertaining and cohesive than much of the band's work prior to their dissolution. From the bounce of "All Mine" through the intensified Descendents attitude of "More Time" and Adolescents aura of "Last Believer," these tunes are proof-positive that at one point, Good Riddance were a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, the noted diminishing returns of their later we've-given-up era have somewhat sullied the act's name and might force this collection into the shadows of obscurity. In that respect, few people will probably hear an album with content that justifies its existence far beyond simple nostalgia. (Fat Wreck)