Good Charlotte Fast Future Generation

Regardless of your opinion on Good Charlotte, this is by far one of the best musical DVDs I have ever seen. Filmed in Japan for the Live 8 event to raise awareness for global poverty, this is, in its genre, practically a masterpiece. Set amongst the bright lights of the bustling city, you’d expect to see the highs and hype of being a young, idolised boy in a band that has throngs of kids chanting along to their music. And they don’t let you down! The music-obsessed Japanese fans do it with style, making even mosh pits look somewhat organised and in-sync with the beat, but that footage is drastically juxtaposed with the letdowns of a show not going so well, being far from home in a country whose language you have yet to grasp, and having other interests outside of the band while giving up your days and nights to the hectic schedule. Director Marvin Scott Jarrett did an absolutely amazing job, making it more of a movie than a glorification of the band, and although is does include live performances, they’re not as rich as getting to know the boys, their aspirations, adventures in Japan and the other surprises that come along with fame. Definitely a good one to watch. (Epic)