Good Charlotte "40 oz. Dream" (lyric video)

Good Charlotte '40 oz. Dream' (lyric video)
Much to Billie Joe Armstrong's dismay, stadium-sized pop punk is as big as ever in 2016. It's only getting stronger, too, thanks to another mall punk masterpiece from Good Charlotte.

The brothers Madden first hinted at their triumphant comeback when they, er, collaborated with Waka Flocka Flame and Pac-Man for an Adam Sandler movie last year. Since then, they've been hard at work on a new album (and one that has already delivered the genuinely great track "Makeshift Love").

Today, the twins have unleashed "40 oz. Dream" — a new, radio-ready single that offers more of their heavily gentrified punk rock. The song perfectly pairs acoustic guitars and programmed beats with a pounding, enormous chorus. Think 5 Seconds of Summer with a dash of Sublime with Rome.

Lyrically, the song sees Joel Madden having an existential crisis of sorts. Looking at the world around him, he's unaware of how it got to be so strange. Time is a cruel mistress, and it's forcing Joel to come to terms with his mortality.

Today, the rock stars are all DJs, he laments, while rappers have started singing. Worse, middle-aged women are taking selfies, and the old punk rock haunts he used to frequent are no longer littered with drug addicts — a fact he now sees as boring. 

To prove his punk rock cred, Madden even name drops the long-running Berkeley, CA DIY club 924 Gilman Street.

Up the punx and check out the lyric video for "40 oz. Dream" below. The song will appear on Good Charlotte's hotly anticipated new album Youth Authority, which lands on July 15.