Chilly Gonzales Uber Alles

Chilly Gonzales (aka Jason Beck, formerly Son, Wolfstein et al.) is accumulating a body of work that is soon going to require that someone name it (blendercore is my suggestion) in order to avoid long, inaccurate lists of sounds and influences. Inevitably inaccurate because the only one who knows what's going on with Chilly is Chilly, and at times on Uber Alles, even that's doubtful. For his first full-length on Germany's Kitty Yo (home to hip-hop hussy Peaches, who contributes vocals to "Let's Groove Again"), Gonzales has created a mish-mash of beats, samples, pop melodies and harsh tokes that sticks in your head, sticks to the wall, leaves a mess on the floor, makes long distance phone calls and never does the dishes. You need fun friends like this. Although most "artists" will tell you to keep an open mind, Gonzales warns you to "close your mind right now or this will elude you twice as fast." After all, playing with convention requires an awareness of it, otherwise you won't get the joke (if there is one). Uber Alles is a transmission from the satellite heart of a Jew living in a bombed out East German TV station, with the soul of a hero but the mind of a villain. (Kitty Yo)