Gonjasufi "The Blame" (video)

Gonjasufi 'The Blame' (video)
Last month, Gonjasufi dropped his MU.ZZ.LE, which we said "exists as a fractured landscape," and damned if the turn of phrase sums up the vibe of the California electronic artist's new video for "The Blame."

The clip finds the performer walking through a desolate cityscape I Am Legend-style, pushing around a shopping cart of belongings and inspecting ruined buildings and flaming streetlights. Clearly the dude's not taking the last-man-on-earth thing well, as he spends the bulk of the video looking distressed and sing-speaking about how terrible he is: "I've done some things in my time / Even I'm ashamed of me."

Despite the sunny dose of vitamin D, the brightly lit clip is a darkened downer. Still, you can watch it below.