Goldspot Tally of the Yes Men

I feel dirty and I like it. The music found in Tally is wonderfully manipulative and I fall into every single trap. Having an unhealthy grasp of British-style mood rock in the vein of Doves and early Coldplay, Goldspot are eminently swoon inducing and, given the chance, they will definitely soundtrack someone’s angst. Featuring the strong vocals of the singularly-named Siddhartha, each song is a mastery of major-chord guitars, tension-filled hi-hats and the same kind of ’80s throwback that the Killers excel in. Given the right amount of luck, they could fill every orifice of commercial radio. And, really, is that such a bad thing? "Rewind” sets the stage for the commercial takeover, but some hidden gems really hit the spot. "Time Bomb” works its magic with its layered harmonies and a rousing chorus that makes for embarrassingly appropriate fist-pumping. Also look to the L.A.-centric "The Assistant” for better music than lyrical content. While pop/rock bands of this ilk usually have a couple of smashes, Tally distinguishes itself by keeping up the quality throughout the album. Nary a misstep here, this reeks of a dirty little mainstream secret in an otherwise indie-centric closet. As stated, I feel dirty. And I like it. (Nettwerk)