Golden City Golden City

Golden City's self-titled debut impressively harnesses the kind of emo authority that could turn even the most jaded of critics into lovers. Tracks like "Ragdoll" and "Gray" are catchy and beautiful enough to remind of Jimmy Eat World's Clarity, an ironic observation considering Golden City vocalist Eric Richter is a pioneer of emo, so much so that his original band, Christie Front Drive, influenced and recorded with Jimmy Eat World back in the early '90s. The guitar work is moody but not apathetic, in fact it is very similar to, although more developed than, Christie Front Drive. There's undeniable energy and passion here, a testament to Richter's ability to remain focused throughout his projects. If you missed Richter's work in Antarctica and the 101, the freshness of Golden City will make him new again. This isn't sappy acoustic bullshit, it's emo indie rock at its best: moody, irrational and laced with a bright, shimmering hope. (Magic Bullet)