The Shadow Realigned

BY Trystan MacDonaldPublished Apr 29, 2014

Breathing new life into an old album, The Shadow Realigned presents an alternative perspective to that of Godhead's 2006 release, The Shadow Line. The absolute opposite of the hard rock original, The Shadow Realigned is an electronic album, influenced heavily by the industrial sub-genre. Each track is remixed by a variety of notable producers that Godhead has come to know over their 20-year career. The most notable remixes arise, ironically, from some of the more forgettable originals, such as "Another Day" and "Inside Your World."

Fans wishing to hear new creative work from the enigmatic rock group will have to be satisfied by "To Heal," the only new song that they've released in six years. Godhead fans will no doubt be split over the album, as those who eagerly wait to hear the band's overdriven guitars roar to life again will have to wait a little longer.

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