God Among Insects Zombienomicon

It’s hard not to be skeptical when a band are touted as a "supergroup.” Sure, ex and current members of Swedish powerhouses Dark Funeral, Vomitory, the Project Hate and Sanctification comprise the God Among Insects line-up, but that in and of itself doesn’t guarantee the product of their combined efforts will turn out well. Luckily for these guys, though they hardly live up to "super” as Zombienomicon definitely puts their best foot forward and delivers a punishing auditory assault at least worthy of mention. Their sophomore endeavour works heavy grooves into pummelling thrash that is neither too fancy nor too simplistic. The slightly muddy production hides many of the different sonic textures but isn’t bad enough to ruin the record. If anything, the somewhat muffled sound quality lends itself to the old school style they incorporate with their take on thrash. They write with traditional song structures in mind, making sure to repeat verses and choruses, still adding the occasional bridge here and there to keep things interesting. Overall the record is solid and enjoyable; it’s just not going to make the impact that a "supergroup” should. (Threeman)